Senior Staff
David Borofsky President
Judy Dittman Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs
Stacy Krusemark Vice President for Business & Administrative Services
Vacant Vice President/Dean for Student Affairs
Joe Firman Coordinator of Special Projects
Jeff Dittman Athletic Director
Carrie Ahern Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment
Sandy Anderson Registrar
Ethelle Bean Director of Mundt Library and Learning Commons/Associate VP for Special Projects
Keith Bundy Assistant VP for Student Development / ADA Coordinator
Amy Crissinger Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management / Marketing
Omar El-Gayar Dean of Graduate Studies and Research
Kari Forbes-Boyte Dean, College of Arts & Sciences
Denise Grayson Director of Financial Aid
Tom Halverson Dean, College of Business & Information Systems
Maria Harder Director of Human Resources
Pat Keating Director of Physical Plant
Marie Lohsandt Director of Career Services / Associate VP for Student Affairs
David Overby Director of Computing Services / CIO
Peg O'Brien Director of Extended Programs
Wayne Pauli Director of Center of Excellence / Associate Dean, College of BIS
Vacant Executive Director of DSU Foundation
Gale Wiedow Interim Dean, College of Education

Governance and Organization of the University

Dakota State University is governed by the South Dakota Board of Regents and operates under the policies and regulations of the Regents. The President is the chief executive officer of the University. The principal officers of the University are the Vice President for Academic Affairs, the Vice President for Business & Administrative Services, and the Vice President and Dean for Student Affairs. The general faculty oversee the policies and regulations governing academic and student affairs of the university. Committees are elected or appointed to address matters of importance to students and the faculty.

Last Updated: 11/1/13