Quality Check Up

A Quality Checkup is a formative evaluation activity designed to help an institution accelerate its continuous quality improvement journey. The evaluators help determine where and how to invest our energies in the future for maximum payback.

Goals of the AQIP Quality Checkup Visit

  • Affirming the accuracy of the organization's online Systems Portfolio and verifying included information
  • Reviewing, with organizational leaders, Action Projects and strategies identified to capitalize on the strengths and opportunities for improvement
  • Assuring continuing organizational quality improvement commitment
  • Confirming the institution's compliance with accreditation expectations and counseling the institution concerning any issues that require immediate attention
  • Reviewing and updating the relationship between the institution and the Commission

This site contains documents prepared for the quality check-up visits, as well as each team's itinerary and report.

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Compliance Report  
Quality Program Summary  
Team Itinerary  
HLC Team Report  
Team Report Overview  

Last Updated: 6/19/12