Systems Appraisal

AQIP calls upon institutions to undergo a Systems Appraisal every four years. This is an opportunity for an institution to get expert, objective, third-party feedback on its strengths and opportunities for improvement. In turn, institutions gain insight in determining the next targets for advancing quality in the institution through Action Projects and other plans.

The Systems Appraisal is based on a Systems Portfolio assembled by the institution during the first four years of its participation in AQIP. The Portfolio presents an overview of the institution, and answers explicitly all of the questions under each of the nine AQIP Categories.

In combination with the Strategy Forum and Action Projects, which drive concrete improvement activities within the institution, the Systems Portfolio and Systems Appraisal are a means of taking stock of the continuous improvement.

2008-2010 Appraisal Cycle2012-2014 Appraisal Cycle
Systems Portfolio N/A
Systems Portfolio Systems Portfolio
Systems Appraisal Team Report Systems Appraisal Team Report

DSU Overview of Team Report

Summary of Team Report

DSU Response to Systems Appraisal Feedback Report

DSU Overview of Team Report

Last Updated: 8/1/13