DSU Quick Facts

  • Founded in 1881
  • Total student population; over 3,129 (Fall 2013)
  • Student/faculty ratio: 18 to 1 (2013-14)
  • Location: Madison, SD
  • Madison Population: 6,809
  • First-time undergraduate freshmen: 318 (Fall 2013)
  • Overall career placement for the class of 2013: 95%

Trojan Traditions

The DSU Community – School Spirit

Here is our challenge to you, at the next DSU athletic event-spike your hair, paint your face blue and gold and run up and down the steps shouting GO TROJANS!! That's school spirit isn't it? Yes it sure is, but school spirit also involves understanding the traditions at DSU and getting involved in many different activities. This web page will get you started!

Alma Mater

On the Eastern plains of South Dakota
Where the sunshine is ever near,
There's a College we are proud to honor,
whose name to us is dear.
Cheer her on to victory,
now your voices raise.
For her colors blue and gold, sing praise.
Dakota State University,
Dakota State University.
True and loyal to thy name for ever,
Nothing from our hearts thy love can sever.
Hail to thee our college, may thy spirit live,
Our Alma Mater, DSU

(Alma Mater is a traditional song used for formal events on campus)

DSU Rouser

The DSU Rouser is an integral part of the sporting tradition at DSU. It's the song that we play when the Trojans score a touchdown; the song that we play to get the basketball crowds on their feet and ready for action! The song alumni remember when they think of their days at this college. The DSU Rouser has undergone some changes over the years. Those changes made the song fit better with the college and what we stood for. Because we want a song that will make you stand up and cheer on your DSU teams, the song was recently revised and unveiled at the 2004 fall orientation for new students.

DSU Rouser
Fight on for DSU.
Our Trojan teams
will make us proud.
Fight on for Blue and Gold.
We raise our cheers, a loyal crowd.
Dakota State fights on!
Dakota State fights on!


Friday is DSU spirit day

Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to show their DSU spirit by wearing DSU logo clothing or school colors on Fridays. Occasionally the DSU Trojan or DSU Alumni will wander the halls on a given Friday and reward those who take part in this tradition.

Cheerleaders & Mascot

DSU intercollegiate sports teams are known as the Trojans and Lady T's. The team mascot is a Trojan. The team name and mascot were chosen through a campus-wide contest in 1928. Ray Kellogg, class of 1931, won the contest by suggesting the name Trojans.

Read All About It!

The first college paper was published in 1892 and was called The Oyaka. Today the campus paper is known as the Trojan Times. The Advancement and Alumni office publish Dakota State – The Magazine of Dakota State University.

Campus Landmarks

General Beadle – General William Henry Harrison Beadle was a Civil War veteran, appointed as Surveyor-General in Dakota Territory by President U.S. Grant. He is credited with saving public lands for use by schools from speculators who were buying up most of the available land. General Beadle served as third President of Madison State Normal School. The statue of General Beadle was erected on campus in 1937. The casting of the statue was paid for with funds raised by the Eastern Alumni Association. There are three statues of General Beadle in existence; one on the campus of DSU, one in the rotunda of the State Capitol in Pierre, and the third in Statuary Hall in Washington, D.C.

WWI Memorial – The WWI Memorial is a boulder affixed with a bronze plaque with the names of students from the Normal School who served in WWI. The memorial was dedicated in 1921.

Sundial – Located in front of Beadle Hall, the sundial was erected in memory of Claude Tyrrell, longtime superintendent of buildings at the college and alumnus of Madison State Normal School under the Presidency of General Beadle.

The Girton House – The Girton House (720 N. Washington Ave) was acquired by the state of South Dakota in 1921 and used for dormitory purposes. It was named after W.W. Girton who served as acting President of the college from 1901–1902. In 1924 the Girton House was used as a dorm for nursing students who were training at the Madison Hospital and from 1930–1933 it was used as a men's dormitory. From 1935 to 2008 the Girton House served as the official residence of the President of the university.

The Stahl-Phillips House - The Stahl-Phillips house (1022 NE Ninth St) became the official home of the DSU President in January 2009.  Built in 2001, the home was purchased from Gene and Margie (Stahl) Phillips by the DSU Foundation.   Education was important to both the Stahl and Phillips families, with two of the grandparents securing college degrees before 1900.  The open floor plan and outdoor patio area make the home ideal for hosting university events.

Last Updated: 3/31/14