Major-field Assessment – Graduate Programs

Students must demonstrate that they have mastered the learning outcomes linked to their degree program. These major-field requirements vary from college to college and major to major, but all include additional information technology course requirements, as a reflection of the institution’s focused mission. All these major-field requirements are assessed with some type of major-field assessment activity prior to graduation. Faculty in the discipline are responsible for oversight of the major-field curriculum, for the assessment processes linked to major-field learning outcomes, for analysis of the assessment data and for proposing changes in the curriculum as a result of that data analysis. On an annual basis, the college deans provide an overview of major-field assessment activities to the University’s Assessment Coordinating Committee.

The Board of Regents Policy 2:11 Assessment Site opens in new window and DSU’s Major-field Assessment Policy provide a framework for assessment of the degree programs.


Last Updated: 6/7/12