ACT and COMPASS Placement Scores

Course(s)Enhanced ACT ScoresCOMPASS Scores
ENGL 033
Basic Writing
ACT English: 1 to 17 Writing: 1 to 73
ENGL 101
Composition I
ACT English: 18 to 36 Writing: 74 to 100
MATH 021
Basic Algebra
ACT Math: 1 to 17 Pre-Algebra: 0 to 100
Algebra: 0 to 30
MATH 101
Intermediate Algebra
ACT Math: 18 to 19 Algebra: 31 to 40
MATH 102
College Algebra
ACT Math: 20 or higher Algebra: 41 to 100
College Algebra: 0 to 62
MATH 120

MATH 121
Survey of Calculus

MATH 201
Intro to Discrete Math
ACT Math: 25 or higher College Algebra:
63 to 100


Trigonometry: 1 to 49
MATH 123
Calculus I
  Trigonometry: 50 or higher
Reading - DSU only
LART 110
Language Arts
ACT Reading: 1 to 15 Reading: 0 to 73

All courses that are prerequisite to general education courses (ENGL 033, MATH 021, MATH 101, LART 110) must be successfully completed within 42 credit hours of attempted coursework. If the pre-general education course(s) are not successfully completed within the first 42 credit hours attempted, the only course(s) in which a student may enroll is the pre-general education course and the student's status is changed from degree-seeking to non-degree seeking.

Students are required to complete the COMPASS Math exam if they wish to enroll directly into MATH 123, Calculus.

Students may challenge their course placement by completing the COMPASS exam. There is a $17.00 fee for the challenge exam and it can only be completed once.

If you test above college algebra and you want to earn credit in college algebra, please discuss the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) with your academic advisor.

If you have any questions regarding your placement results or the CLEP program, please contact the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment (OIEA) at (605)256-5101 or by e-mail. More information is available on the OIEA website.

Last Updated: 5/30/12