Academic Year 2010-2011

New Course Request

ARTD 286 Motion Graphics and Compositing
ARTD 339 Advanced Computer Graphic Design
DAD 255 Writing Digital Stories
DAD 310 Digital Soundtrack Production
DAD 380 Professional Development for Digital Storytelling
DAD 415 Team-based Projects
EDFN 395 Practicum
HIMS 501 Introduction to Healthcare Information
HIMS/INFS 820 Current Issues in Health Informatics
PHYS 331 Introduction to Modern Physics
PHYS 341 Thermodynamics
PHYS 343 Statistical Physics
SEED 492 Topics

Revised Course Requests (common)

BADM 476 Marketing Research (prerequisite)
CHEM 112 General Chemistry I (co-requisite)
DAD 180 Intro to Digital Storytelling (Instructional Method, Dept. Code; CIP Code)
ELED 303 Earth and Physical Science for Elementary Teachers (CIP and Dept Code)
ENGL 283 Creative Writing I (prerequisite)
LING 403 Introduction to Linguistics (number and title)
SEED 450 Reading and Content Literacy (Dept Code)
THEA 131 Introduction to Acting (course description)
THEA 241 Stagecraft (course description)
THEA 351 Directing (course description)

Program Modifications

MS in Information Assurance
BS in Digital Arts and Design
BS in Physical Science

Minor - Summary
Masters of Business Administration
Minor in Computer and Network Security
BS in Computer and Network Security
D.Sc. Information Systems, Healthcare Information Systems Specialization
D.Sc. Information Systems, Information Assurance & Compuer Security Specialization
BS in Elementary Education
BS in Elementary Education/Secondary Education
Secondary Education Majors
Minor in Reading
Certificate in Information Systems Management - Multimedia
Certificate in Web Design and Development

New Programs

English for New Media Certificate
Professional and Technical Communication Certificate

New Site Request

Bachelor of Business Administration - Management (APPROVED)
Programming and Systems Development Certificate (Distance) (APPROVED)

General Education Changes

General Education Changes (effective Fall 2011)

Minor Course Modification

Minor Course Summary
ARTD 185 Introduction to Animation (prerequisite change)
ARTD 382 3-Dimensional Design on Computers I (prerequisite, corequisite)
BADM 608 Applied Statistics (delete)
CIS 251 Business Applications Programming (prerequisite change)
CSC 334 System Software Security (prerequisite change)
CSC 432 Operating System Security (prerequisite change)
CSC 434 Web Software Security (prerequisite change)
CSC 436 Offensive Network Security (prerequisite change)
CSC 438 Defensive Network Security (prerequisite change)
DAD 323 Live Sound Reinforcement (credit hours)
DAD 330 Digital Storytelling (name, prerequisite and course description)
DAD 335 Contexts in Digital Storytelling (name, prerequisite and course description)
ENGL 450 7-12 Teaching Reading in Content Area (delete)
HIM 160 ICD-9-CM Healthcare Coding Systems (title, course description)
HIM 252 Basic Foundations of Health Data Systems (course description)
HIMS/INFS 742 Healthcare Info Infrastructure (prerequisite change)
HIMS/INFS 744 Healthcare Info Analysis (prerequisite change)
HIMS 746 Data Management Health Informatics (prerequisite change)
HIMS 747 Business of Health Informatics (prerequisite change)
HIMS 748 Research in Health Informatics (new title)
HIMS 748 IS Tools and Apps Healthcare Research (prerequisite change)
INFA 709 Ethical Hacking (course number)
INFA 717 System and Network Security (course number)
NFP 310 Financial Management for NFP Organizations (delete)
NFP 315 Fund Raising (delete)
NFP 360 Organization and Management of NFP Organizations (delete)
NFP 370 Marketing for NFP Organizations (delete)
PHSI 330 Introductory Quantum Mechanics (delete)
PHSI 343 Introductory Thermodynamics (delete)
PHSI 411 Introductory Statistical Mechanics (delete)
SPCM 250 Storytelling (prefix, number, name, prerequisite and course description)

Program Termination

Not for Profit Certificate
Programming and Systems Development Certificate

New Certificate Programs

English for New Media
Professional and Technical Communications


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