Early Alert

Early Alert is a web-based referral system, used by instructors to identify and refer students who are experiencing academic, attendance, or other difficulties in class.

The goal of Early Alert is to provide you with an academic support system, including academic counseling, and information and access to the tools available that can help you improve your academic performance, and be a successful student at DSU.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would my instructor refer me to Early Alert?

Your instructor could be concerned that your performance in class is not up to the required standards.  This could be because of your performance on assignments or tests, failure to attend class regularly, or other issues.

Does getting an Early Alert mean that I'm going to fail the class?

No!  Early Alert is a way for us to identify students that show signs of problems that could be a barrier to their success at DSU as soon as the problems are evident.

If you are referred to Early Alert by your instructor, Early Alert staff will contact you, offer guidance and encouragement, and connect you with a variety of resources to get you back on track to successfully complete the class!

Is an Early Alert put on my permanent academic record?

Again, the answer is no.  Student referrals are a part of the Early Alert system, but will not become a part of your academic transcript.

How does Early Alert work?

Your instructor may refer you to Early Alert at any time during the semester, if they feel you are having difficulty in their course.  Erratic attendance, recurring tardiness, not participating in class, incomplete assignments, poor performance on assignments or tests, or behavioral issues may be a cause for your instructors concern, and referral to Early Alert.

When an Early Alert referral is submitted, you advisor and Early Alert staff are informed.  The Student Support Specialist, and in some cases, your academic advisor, will attempt to contact you by e-mail, phone, or letter, to offer our help, and direct you to additional resources to aid your success.

When a plan for your success has been developed, the referring instructor and your advisor will be notified of the action you plan to take!

What should I do if I am contacted about being referred to Early Alert?

First of all, remember, you are not "in trouble."  We are all here to help you be successful at DSU!

If you are contacted by the Student Support Specialist or other Student Development staff, please respond to us by e-mail or phone, or by stopping down to the Student Success Center (located in n the Underground in the Trojan Center) to set up a time to get together.  It is also a good idea to get in touch with your instructor and advisor to let them know you are addressing the concerns.

What kind of help is available to me if I need help with a class or with other issues?

We may suggest that you work with DSU Library Tutors, Math Center Tutors, or Success Center Assistants, or make use of a variety of on-line tutoring resources.  DSU also offers personal and Alcohol and Drug counseling for students who may need help in these areas.

Last Updated: 6/7/12