Nomination Process for Faculty Awards

The Vice President for Academic Affairs will call for nominations from faculty, staff, and former and current students at DSU. Nominations of full-time faculty will be submitted to the VPAA's office in hard copy or electronically. Nominations must be submitted on nomination forms. Please complete the appropriate nomination form; and specifically address each of the award criteria. Do not attach a nominee's C.V.

Because these are annual awards and are not intended as "lifetime achievement" awards, nomination documentation should focus on recent contributions of the nominee (past 3-5 years) and offer specific supportive information to address the criteria outlined for each award.  A faculty member may be recognized in a category once during a five-year period.  A faculty member can be recognized in a different category within that same five-year period.  (i.e., - Faculty A is recognized for Excellence in Teaching in 2010 and for Excellence in Service in 2012.)

Note:  If no nominations are submitted in a specific category, the President may choose to select a faculty member to receive the award.

Awards Selection Committee: The committee will consist of two members chosen from each of the three colleges and one member from the library. Each year one member will be selected as chair. To ensure continuity of policies and procedures, members will serve two-year overlapping terms.

If any member of the committee is nominated for an award, a replacement to the committee will be selected from the respective college or the library. If a member of the committee is a member of a nominee's immediate family (spouse, sibling, parent, or child), a replacement to the committee will be selected from the respective college or the library.

Timeline: Nominations will be solicited approximately three months prior to the scheduled donor recognition banquet. Final selection will be made three weeks prior to the event.

A list of previous nominees to be carried forward for consideration in the current year, as welll as the list of previous winnners, will be provided to the deans for informational purposes at the same time nominations are opened.

Procedures: Nominees who meet these minimum qualifications will be forwarded to the committee for review—

  • Nominees from the previous year who were not award winners
  • New nominees for whom completed nominations have been received
  • Because these awards are to showcase excellence, each nominee must have received a performance evaluation of "2-exceeds expectations" or higher in the nomination category in each of the last three years when rankings are available. This information will be verified by the VPAA office for each nominee.

The nomination forms for qualified nominees will be distributed to the committee members prior to the first meeting. After discussion of candidates, a recommended awardee in each category will be determined by a secret ballot and forwarded to the President for final approval. The committee may provide and/or solicit clarifications on supportive information, but the nomination forms will be the primary source of information. If a final decision cannot be reached in a category, the full list of nominees in that category will be submitted to the President for a final decision.

The President may solicit additional information on the finalists from the VPAA or deans. The President, or his designee, will communicate back to the committee when the final selection has been made. If the President does not support the committee recommendations, he/she will provide further direction/information to the committee.

The nominees not recommended for the award will be included in the file of nominees for the following year before being eliminated for consideration.

Last Updated: 3/18/13