Academic Forms

4th Enrollment Exception Form Word Doc PDF
Academic Amnesty (Grade Deletion) Word Doc  
Academic Proficiency Deferment Word Doc  
Application for Credit Examination Word Doc PDF
Appendix E Faculty Evaluation Form Word Doc  
Curriculum Forms (links to BOR curriculum form website)    
Request for Change in Registration Word Doc PDF
Change of Major Word Doc  
Residency Status and Residency Appeal Forms Word Doc  
Faculty Consulting Form Word Doc PDF
Faculty Training Travel Fund Request Word Doc  
Final Week (request to change finals week schedule) Word Doc PDF
Grade Appeal Form Word Doc PDF
Grade Change Form Word Doc
Graduation Application Word Doc PDF
Instructional & Professional Development Travel Request Word Doc  
Math Waiver Form Word Doc PDF
Petition to Enroll Full-Time Word Doc PDF
Pre-General Education course completion form (CPG2)- Exception to BOR Policy 2:7    
Prior Learning Credit from Abroad *FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS ONLY*    
Privacy of Student Record Information   PDF
Request for Adjusted Workload (RAW) Word Doc  
Request Withholding of Directory Information Word Doc PDF
Student Registration Petition Form (For a Late Drop or Withdrawal)    
Substitution Form Word Doc  
Schedule of Class and Office Hours Sheet Excel Doc  
Short Term Military Activation Word Doc PDF
State Consultant Contract Word Doc PDF
WMCI Opt Out Form Word Doc  

Last Updated: 8/7/14