System-wide General Education Requirements: Oral

GOAL 2: Oral Communication 3 credits

Students will communicate effectively and responsibly through listening and speaking.

Student Learning Outcomes: As a result of taking courses meeting this goal, students will:

  1. Prepare and deliver speeches for a variety of audiences and settings.
  2. Demonstrate speaking competencies including choice and use of topic, supporting materials, organizational pattern, language usage, presentational aids, and delivery.
  3. Demonstrate listening competencies by summarizing, analyzing, and paraphrasing ideas, perspectives and emotional content.
General Education Requirements
Oral Communication Requirement 3
Select 1 course from the following: 3
SPCM 101 Fundamentals of Speech
SPCM 215 Public Speaking
SPCM 222 Argumentation & Debate

Last Updated: 6/7/12