Advising Checklist

Things to Do at Each Advising Session:

  • Exploration of career/educational goals
  • Review of educational program, program requirements and time lines (e.g., PPST testing for Admission into Teacher Education Program)
  • Review of academic progress Check for any "holds"
  • Selection of courses - check for pre-general education requirements, prerequisites, etc.
  • Review of time management issues for scheduling classes Make referrals if needed

Information to review by Class Levels


  • Review general education requirements
  • Review academic major requirements
  • Explore majors of interest if student is unsure
  • Establish rapport
  • Review resources
  • Give students contact information
  • Review any questions/problems


  • Class update - classes taken, classes remaining
  • Program and university requirements
  • Review any questions/problems


  • Review GPA in major, minor, and cumulative
  • Proficiency exam
  • Review graduate school options, career fairs
  • Review any questions/problems


  • Explore internships, practicums, etc.
  • Apply for graduation
  • Appropriate exams - Praxis, Major Field, Exit Interview
  • Review any questions/problems

Last Updated: 7/31/12