Principles of Academic Advising

Because students are the most important individuals in any educational institutions, advising should provide guidance and a means to assist student's intellectual, physical, and social development. For most effective advising, the following should be observed:

  1. Advising must be systematic, consistent, and continuous with a number of contacts between the advisor and the student. These contacts must have direction and purpose.
  2. Advising must be goal related. Students should be encouraged to explore and establish academic, career and personal development goals.
  3. Advising requires a caring environment. The advisor shares responsibility in initiating advisor-student contact.
  4. Advising is modeling behaviors leading to self-responsibility and self-directness.
  5. The advising system should be an integration of services and expertise of academic and student affairs.
  6. Advisors should utilize as many campus and community resources as possible assisting students with academic and career options, services and resources.

Last Updated: 7/31/12