Changing Majors, Changing Advisors

Changing or Declaring a Major

Many DSU students change majors at least once. Changing majors is a simple process that requires completion of a Request to Change Academic Program/Advisor form (available in any college office). Students seeking to change their major will be referred to an advisor in the new major. Current advisors are asked to promptly forward the advising folder to the Dean's office for forwarding to the new advisor. During the spring semester, advisors should meet with all undecided advisees to discuss their academic and career plans. If appropriate, advisors should help students complete the Request to Change Academic Program/Advisor and submit it to the appropriate Deans' office. If a student is still undecided, provide advice about career development.

Changing Advisors

Students who change their major usually change their advisor. However, DSU has a no-questions-asked policy for changing advisors; students can change advisors at any time for any reason. Conversely, advisors can request that an advisee be re-assigned to another advisor for any reason.

Last Updated: 7/31/12