International Students

While all new students can experience feelings of loneliness and homesickness during the first days at college, for international students the emotional discomfort that comes as a result of separation is exacerbated by the cultural adjustment. Language, food, social behavior, nonverbal communication, and academic expectations are but a few of the challenges which international students face as they make their adjustment to DSU.

The challenge in advising international students is to understand that they have common concerns both socially and academically, but at the same time, each international student has his or her own specific questions and concerns. DSU's international student advisor (Lynn Ryan) advises international students on a wide range of topics that include immigration matters, social and cultural differences, financial matters and personal concerns. The international student advisor is also available to assist you as an academic advisor if you have questions or concerns pertaining to an international advisee of yours.

Last Updated: 7/31/12