Referral Resources

Whether students are having a problem or just simply have a question, it is helpful to be aware of what resources are available on campus. By referring students to the appropriate resources, you can provide them with more effective assistance in whatever matter comes up.

You should feel comfortable referring students whenever you feel that another campus resource could better serve students' needs. Assisting students in making appointments can be helpful and is recommended.

Issue Office Contact Information
Academic probation Student Development 256-5121
Academic records/transcripts Enrollment Services - Registrar 256-5152
ADA accommodations Disability Services 256-5121
Advisor change Contact any college office Bus. & Info. Systems:256-5165
    Arts & Sciences: 256-5270
    Education: 256-5177
Alcohol/drug dependency, alcohol violation Student Development 256-5121
Assessment of abilities and interests Student Development 256-5121
Career exploration Career Services 256-5155
Career placement Career Services 256-5155
Diversity Diversity Services 256-7347
Early Alert referral Student Development 256-5900
Financial aid Financial Aid 256-5018
Food, meal plans Dining Services 256-7310
Housing Residence Life 256-5149
ID card/Trojan Gold University Card Office 256-5225
Illness Student Health Services Interlakes Medical Center, 256-6951
Internships Career Services 256-5122
Major or program change Contact any college office Bus. & Info. Systems: 256-5165
    Arts & Sciences: 256-5270
    Education: 256-5177
Parking, parking tickets, decals Physical Plant 256-5222
Part-time employment Career Services 256-5155
Personal counseling Student Development 256-5121
Physical fitness Madison Community Center Madison Community Center, 256-5837
Placement testing/retesting Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment 256-5101
Research assignments Library & Learning Commons Library & Learning Commons, 256-5203
Roommate difficulties Contact resident director Emry Hall: 256-5639
    Higbie Hall: 256-5640
    Richardson Hall: 256-5641
    Zimmermann Hall: 256-5642
    North Hall (8-Plexes): 256-5639
Safety Physical Plant 480-3348
Scholarships Financial Aid 256-5145
Sexuality Student Health Services Interlakes Medical Center, 256-6951
  Student Development 256-5121
Social enhancement Student Activities 256-5244
Spiritual exploration Campus Ministries (contact Student Services) 256-5146
Study skills Student Development 256-5121
TabletPC problems Help Desk Library & Learning Commons, 1st floor
Test anxiety Student Development 256-5121
Tuition bill Cashier's Office 256-5133
Tutoring Office of Institutional Effectiveness & Assessment 256-5036
Veteran's benefits Veteran Affairs 256-5018
Work-study jobs Financial Aid 256-5018
Last Updated: 7/31/12