Sample of Assessment Criteria that meets review standards

STUDENT LEARNING OUTCOMES: (Writing-Intensive Course)

1. Read extensively and respond critically in written discourse: Students will be responsible for completing projects throughout the semester. These project will include a written proposal that must be approved by the instructor, a final written report that must also be approved by the instructor.

2. Use writing to learn course content by practicing writing as an integral, on-going part of the course and applying writing conventions of appropriate style manuals: In addition to the projects, students must also read a set number of journal articles, technical papers, etc... that deal with course content. After completing the reading, the student may be expected to write a reaction paper to the articles illustrating the knowledge gained from the reading. This written response will be completed in a predetermined style (APA, MLA, other).

(from Josh Pauli's approved syllabus)

Last Updated: 8/29/13