Bill Figg

Bill Figg is a jack of all trades. He got his undergraduate degree from the Citadel in Business and Politics, his master's at Troy State in Management Information Systems, and his PhD in Technology from Capella. If that isn't enough, Figg also is certified in Hotel Management. His class schedule is also very diverse. Figg has taught Management Information Systems, Systems Analysis and Design, Cryptography, Information Systems Planning, Security Fundamentals, Intrusion Detection, Computer Hardware, and Networking I & II during his career at Dakota State University.

Research and writing are prominent in all of his classes. Weekly case studies in Management Information Systems involve reading a topic out of the book and answering the questions in paragraph format. Most of his classes also include an extensive end of the semester paper. Writing for a computer major is different than biology majors. Computer writing is more discovery research and in the case study format. Figg also emphasizes that APA format should be used in his class.

When doing a research paper, Figg recommends using Technology & Learning, Information Week, Computer, and PC World for articles. Librarians are also useful tools that students don't take full advantage of. If you have a question, don't hesitate to ask the librarian. He or she will be more than happy to help and direct you to useful information.

"Make sure you think before you talk," is Figg's advice to students who are talking about computers. Simplify the term according to the audience to whom you are talking. Using acronyms are also a common mistake that students often do.

When preparing for graduate school, Figg recommends that students review case studies and write research papers about those studies. Know what the graduate school expects from a student and be prepared to learn. When you are in a class, it is very important to learn the material presented.

Dr. Figg prefers e-mails in WebCT mail if the question is about the course you are taking from him, otherwise just sent him an e-mail.

Last Updated: 7/31/12