Josh Pauli

Teaches CSC 105, CIS 130, 332, 350, 384

One of the most well known names around the campus of DSU as far as professors go is "Pauli." Both Wayne Pauli and his son Josh are very well thought of by the students here at Dakota State because of their willingness to assist students in any way that they can.

Josh Pauli earned his Master's of Science in Information Systems here at DSU in 2003, and a PhD in Software Engineering from North Dakota State University in summer 2005. He has also published a significant amount of his own material. In a recent interview, Josh Pauli, provided useful information about how writing fits into the Business Department's curriculum, and the CIS program.

CIS students are required to write a fair amount in their major. Although some of Mr. Pauli's courses do not include any writing, CIS 332 is writing intensive. "Students are required to write at least 15 pages each semester that is graded on content, grammar, and writing ability. These assignments are made up of technical project proposals, project update memos, and project findings papers, states Mr. Pauli." In CIS 384, students are required to construct a 15-20 page final group paper about a DSS technology. To gain the proper information and insight for this project, students are required to research and gather an ample amount of information.

Pauli leaves the writing style (APA, MLA, or CMA) of the presentations up to the student. Mr. Pauli is also quick to note that CIS majors do not need to write extensive papers in length, but they must know how to effectively communicate projects proposals, memos, specification, and findings. "These need to be structured consistently and be free of errors that take away from their content," noted Pauli.

If a student needs any help with writing related to the business department, specifically the CIS major, and can't find the information on the "OWL," Mr. Josh Pauli would be an excellent source.

Last Updated: 7/31/12