Lynette Molstad

A graduate of Dakota State University herself, Lynette Molstad Gorder knows the system. She received her Bachelor's Degree in Business Education here and now teaches Visual Basic, Introduction to Computers, Office Systems, and Computer & Business Education Methods courses. Molstad believes that writing and comprehension are key not only in her classes, but in everyday life itself. All of the classes Molstad teaches involve some form of writing whether it is typing out code in Visual Basic to summarizing an article in her Business Education Methods class.

So how does one write for a business or computer class? "Find a starting spot and gradually build," Molstad says about research and writing. The first step is to get the basics like grammar and punctuation down. After that is done, a student should move onto more complicated aspects of writing. Reading scholarly journals and summarizing them in your own words are very important if you want to succeed later in life. It is crucial that a student should not just copy information from a web site or the textbook. Molstad recommends reading the Business Education Forum, NABTE, Delta Pi Epsilon Journal, and Phi Delta Kappa Journal. These journals are found in the library and/or in Molstad's office.

Research is also used in Molstad's upper level classes. ProQuest, LexisNexis, and Erik are popular databases found on the library's web site. Every student should be able to site articles taken from the database correctly. When writing a research paper, Molstad believes in APA style formatting because it is "used for more business writing."

If you need to contact Professor Molstad, please e-mail her to set up an office interview. Her e-mail address is and her office is East Hall 210.

Last Updated: 7/31/12