Dr. Ronghua Shan

Teaches CIS 484, 487, 488 / INFS 760, 762, 764, 766 Credentials: Associate Professor of Computer Information Systems

The amount of writing in Mr. Shan's class varies. Classes such as INFS 484 and INFS 760 require students to do semester-long projects that are fairly writing intensive. The final report in these classes is required to be 20+ pages. Research for this project accounts for about 20% of this class. "The library is the most important resource for research." Students who research should first look for material in the library. ABI/INFORM is a very useful database for Information Systems research," commented Shan.

Mr. Shan has coauthored several of his own books but feels there are many high-quality journals available for research. "Different research topics will need to consult different journals." For learning the current development of IS field, Shan recommends reading journals such as Management Information Systems Quarterly, Journal of Management Information Systems, Communications of the ACM, Information Systems Research, etc. "Another useful teaching and research resource is AIS (Association for Information Systems) online publications," said Shan.

For further questions regarding your writing or research, Mr. Shan would be happy to help and can be contacted via school email.

Last Updated: 1/10/12