Wayne Pauli

Dr. Wayne E. Pauli, professor at Dakota State University and Director of the Center of Excellence, believes in providing students the opportunity to build their writing skills. Within his classroom, a variety of assignments are given in order to strengthen the student's skills in writing and research. These assignments are meant to allow the student to succeed not only in his classroom but also throughout college and in future careers.

Due to his educational background, Dr. Pauli is certified in teaching a business style of writing. Graduating from NSU in 1976 with a Business Administration degree, DSU in 1999 with a minor in Information Systems, DSU in 2001 with a MSIS degree. He is currently attending Capella University to obtain his PhD in Organization Management has provided him with an extensive amount of academic writing.

Just as writing was a necessary element in his educational career, writing is also an important element in his classroom. He teaches an assortment of classes on campus varying in complexity from freshman to graduate level courses. However, the courses that are strictly writing and research based are INFA 745 Securing Transactions and CIS 424 Internet and Electronic Commerce. An excerpt taken directly from his syllabus restates the quantity of writing in his classroom:

The course will consist of 4 minor and 2 major assignments; the minor assignments will be 500 word executive summaries on a certain topic, while the major assignments will be a 10 page paper on research the student has conducted on an assigned case study. In addition, the major assignment will consist of a presentation completed in class on your completed paper. Each minor assignment will constitute 5% of the final grade (for a total of 20%); the major assignments will each constitute 20% of the final grade (for a total of 40%).

For instance, one such major assignment within his CIS 424 class can be found at http://www.homepages.dsu.edu/pauliw/Number1.htm. Dr. Pauli provides his students with the proper outline and other pertinent information to successfully complete the paper. As emphasized from the above example, research and strong writing skills are important in academic business writing.

Dr. Pauli insists on professional writing and research at all levels of education. In his own writing and his students' writing, he prefers the use of APA 5th Edition style of business writing. However, due to Dakota State University's focus on the MLA style of writing in its English department, this writing style is accepted in his classroom. Dr. Pauli would like to see one standard of writing campus wide for consistency. Pertaining to student's research style, he believes the use of the database Proquest is essential along with the academic journals Journal of Computer Information Systems and Journal of Information Systems Education. As academically expected, information taken from these journals and databases will be properly documented within student's papers.

Strong business writing is important within Dr. Pauli's classroom. Not only is writing important, but also research methods and documentation. In his classroom and throughout various assignments, students will gain the opportunity to write with a strong sense of breadth and depth in academic writing.

Last Updated: 7/31/12