Interview with Dr. Larry McDaniel

After leaving the interview with Dr. McDaniel I walked out of his office with even more respect for the job he does teaching. I came to realize his wide range of teaching many different classes. He teaches about twelve different classes all dealing in some way with exercise science. Some of his classes include, Kinesiology, Motor Learning, Nutrition, Testing and Prescription/Measurement, and Health Aspects of Aging just to name a few.

While discussing the type of writing he prefers in his classes Dr. McDaniel said he likes to have the assignments handed in with the APA style of writing. He says there isn't too much writing in his classes but he does like to get at lease two abstracts with 900 to 1000 words from each student. The abstract articles can be about anything dealing with exercise science.

Dr. McDaniel strongly encourages students to use the library database for their research on abstracts and other topics. He also welcomes students to bring in articles they find from the database to class and summarize their findings for extra points. Dr. McDaniel is the type of teacher that if you find something interesting in an exercise science article and have questions about it, he would take the time to try and answer anything you wanted to know. I think that is what separates him from most teachers. He wants you to learn as much as you can.

Dr. McDaniel actually has several publications published. He is co-authored in Research Quarterly, and has another in American College of Sports and Medicine. Along with those publications Dr. McDaniel encourages students to follow the National Strength Coaches Association publication because it is relevant to the exercise science field.

When I asked Dr. McDaniel if he can tell a difference between undergraduate and graduate style of writing he said "definitely because there more experienced, but some undergraduates are equally good." I then asked him if technology played a big part in the college of education. McDaniel said, "I think it's very important all of my classes are based in web-ct for discussions and submitting assignments, most students in his classes do not have the tablets yet so he's looking forward to working with then in the future." It is also very easy for him to get a hold of his students on web-ct. He prefers students to converse with him with web-ct.

Last Updated: 7/31/12