Interview with Dr. Haomin Wang

As I walked in to the TCB, Dr. Wang was sitting there waiting for me. Dr. Wang teaches high level computer education classes such as: EDFN 465 -- Multimedia and Web Development in Education, CET 756 -- Intro to Instructional Programming, and CET 758 -- Intro to Instructional Programming.

We sit and talk about his classes for awhile and then I ask him if there is a lot of writing in his classes. Dr. Wang said, "We do a moderate amount of writing in my classes." Then he added, "I prefer that papers that my students write to be in MLA format."

Then we got on the topic of researching for papers in his classes. He said, "That most of the research for his class is done through on-line research." I asked if his students used the library site for any of the research. "Most of my students use it a little, but the on-line resources are improving so fast that I prefer them to use that," Dr. Wang said.

As the interview was coming to an end I had one more question for Dr. Wang and that was, how important do you think that technology is in the college of education? Dr. Wang said, "It plays a huge part in the college of education." Then I told him thanks and just like that the interview was over.

Last Updated: 7/31/12