Alan Montgomery

Courses Taught: Figure Drawing, Design I & II, Drawing, Color Theory, Painting, 2-D Design

Mr. Alan Montgomery's creativity spills over from the classroom and into his office. Painting canvases and used paintbrushes indicate an artist at work. Mr. Montgomery's flair for visual expression is apparent. But, as much as his talent speaks for itself, he also knows that without written communication skills to complement his talent, he wouldn't be where he is today.

When Mr. Montgomery applied for his position at DSU, he not only had to provide slide samples of his work, but those provide and accompanying cover letter and teaching philosophy. Mr. Montgomery admits that preparing such documents can be difficult. "[. . .] there is a certain way to write a cover letter, depending on your discipline or job. When you write a philosophy of teaching or education or whatever it is, that's a whole different way of writing and its pretty challenging," says Mr. Montgomery.

Montgomery states that documents such as these, along with the follow up he wrote for his promotion in 2004, need to follow a structure. "[It] brought me back to when I was doing research as a graduate student . . . It was kind of a wake up call thinking, 'Okay, I have to be academic again.'"

Montgomery is also considering publishing a research paper that he wrote as a graduate student and a book about painting. These follow another set of conventions with which Mr. Montgomery had to become familiar . "You have really got to figure out the acceptable conventions, and if you are going to push those boundaries, you have got to know where the boundaries are,' says Mr. Montgomery.

Mr. Montgomery cautions that some students seem to be lacking in their understanding of the theoretical concepts behind the discipline. "In graphic design there is this whole theoretical area of jargon that you get into and if you are not familiar with it, suddenly you are kind of on the outside looking in. As an artist in any discipline, whether you're a painter, photographer, sculptor, or whatever, there are theories that you should be reading about and just stay current with.'

Last Updated: 7/31/12