Nancy Moose

Courses Taught: Composition, Literature, Documentation and Presentation, Linguistics, Grammar, Reading Methods

Judging by the list of classes that Dr. Nancy Moose teaches, it is obvious that her expertise covers a wide range of interests. She teaches everything from Composition to Literature, and Documentation and Presentation to Linguistics, Grammar, and Reading Methods (for Education majors). Of course she doesn't teach all of these classes every semester; most of the classes she teaches are on a two to three year rotation.

The amount of writing in her classes varies as much as the topics. In her Composition, Documentation and Presentation, and Reading in the Content Area classes, writing is a major focus. The extent of writing in her Literature classes generally consists of one or two papers and essay exams. For the remainder of her classes, little formal writing is required.

As for research, her Composition classes usually consist of two to four research papers. Her Reading in the Content Area class does one research paper in addition to five other papers, but she requires less research for the remainder of her classes.

As seems to be the norm in the Liberal Arts , MLA (Modern Language Association) is the standard form of citation that Dr. Moose requires for her classes. She does teach APA (American Psychological Association) in Composition 101, however.

When asked what students should carry over from their academic writing to their professional writing, Dr. Moose offered the following advice: "Especially for technical writing, [writing] needs to be clear and straightforward. It needs to be professional -- no slang. It should be grammatically correct and organized. It is also important to do the research , use the appropriate sources, and correctly cite them."

Last Updated: 7/31/12