Dr. Richard Bleil

When students think of chemistry here at Dakota State University, Dr. Bleil's name is usually the first name to roll off their tongue. Dr. Bleil teaches all the chemistry courses offered at Dakota State and is revered by all who take these courses. When students think about chemistry, they think about Dr. Bleil.

In all of Dr. Bleil's classes, students have required lab time. During this time, students must complete lab journals to document their work. Dr. Bleil has a format that he expects all of his students to follow and he gives the students this format at the beginning of each semester. In Organic Chemistry 2, students are also expected to write a research paper which is to be presented in a professional journal style. Dr. Bleil gives his students many resources to help this in this endeavor. One such resource is the "American Chemistry Journal Online." This site showcases many research experiments that have been done in the chemical community.

Technical writing for science is very short and compact," says Dr. Bleil. "Because of this, each word is carefully chosen and has significant meaning to the journal report." Dr. Bleil also said that when writing for a professional journal, the original article may be up to four times as long as what its final printed version is.

Dr. Bleil has written several articles for chemical journals and has also written self-help books. His work is respected, not only in the DSU science community, but also around the nation. For any help with chemical studies, Dr. Bleil is definitely the professor to go to.

Last Updated: 7/31/12