Dr. Dale Droge

Dale Droge teaches general biology, zoology, ecology, aquatic biology, and a couple special topic classes. These special topic classes are often team taught. He also holds seminars for different science-related topics.

When asked how much writing is done is these classes, Droge stated, "Not much. In general education classes, such as biology, there is probably a total of ten pages written in one semester." Some of the topics written about are cloning, food products, diseases, philosophical issues, and general interest issues. There are two different types of writings that the students must do. The first is literature. The student is given a topic and has to do research and write a paper on it. The second is experiments. The student is to collect data and report on the data in scientific format.

Droge mentioned, "Scientific writing has its own style and is very specific." This type of writing includes the following: introduction, methods, results, discussions, and figures and tables. There are different styles for works cited.

There are different expectations for student writing in the science majors. There is a certain format to be followed. The students are expected to handle and interpret data, graphs, and understand more quantitative information. There is also a lot of analyzing and explaining expected in these writings. Droge added, "It's not just the student's opinion that goes in the paper. It's how their results fit into the world." These writings are very to the point and not very creative.

In the science majors, there are useful library databases. Students also find specific journals relevant to their fields. One journal is Science, which is a weekly publication that includes "top of the line information." Another journal is Nature, which is also weekly. The media always picks up on the information in this journal.

Overall, students are expected to write mostly research papers. They are sometimes given the option to choose their own topic. Other times they are given a topic and can choose an issue within that area.

Last Updated: 7/31/12