Dr. Donna Hazelwood

When it comes to botany at Dakota State University, and indeed in all of South Dakota, there is no greater authority than Dr. Donna Hazelwood. Dr. Hazelwood teaches a multitude of classes in several of the sciences, including botany, biology, micro-biology, molecular and cellular biology, genetics, and computer applications in the Natural Sciences. In each of these classes, writing is an important component.

For a student whose only biology class is for a general education requirement, writing is an everyday experience during the lecture portion of the class. After each class, students are required to write about something they have learned. "[T]his is a good way for students to think about what they have learned during each class period and put it into their own words", says Dr. Hazelwood. These assignments are also a good way for students to help themselves remember new information.

In upper level science classes, Dr. Hazelwood expects her students to write in a scientific format, such as the American Physical Society, or APS, and the Council of Science Editors, or CSE. The styles are fairly similar. APS and CSE have standards that must be followed rigorously. Students can view these different styles in use in different scientific journals, or lick on the corresponding links in the side bar to visit webpages devoted to explaining each style.

Journal reading is another important aspect of Dr. Hazelwood's classes. Each scientific discipline has its own journals. For general education classes, students might read Discover or The Smithsonian. Botany students might read the American Journal of Botany. Many of these journals can be consulted online through online databases such as EBSCOhost, Biosis, and Agricola.

For students writing research papers based on their own experiments, the third edition of Writing Papers in the Biological Sciences by Victoria E. McMillan is the authority Dr. Hazelwood suggests. This publication is used mainly by upper level students. For lower level classes, Dr. Hazelwood is more interested in the proper use of grammar and style.

Dr. Hazelwood is a respected author, having research published in such journals as Virology, Phytopathology, Proceedings of the Botanical Society of American, and Plan Disease. All this adds up to Dr. Hazelwood being a well respected member of the Dakota State faculty and of the scientific community at large.

Last Updated: 7/31/12