Verb Formation

Using consistent verb tenses is a common problem when writing complex sentences about real-world events. All texts need to establish a time frame that is consistently reflected in the time relations expressed by verb tenses.

The crowd is cheering because they just found out that their candidate had won the election.

Verb tenses are used according to the following:

Present Tense: to express action occurring now, in the present: Nathan attends DSU.

  • and to make "timeless" statements that are true now and will continue to be true indefinitely unless something happens to change the situation: I watch TV.

Present Progressive Tense: to show continuing action in the present: I am studying at the moment.  

Past Tense: to express an action that was completed in the past: I watched TV last night.

Past Perfect: to tell about actions completed before another event in the past: When the meeting began, she had already left the building.


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