Current Students

Current Students

Becky Woelfel

Name: Becky Woelfel
Major: Information Systems
Academic Year: Junior
Hometown: Wabasso, MN

Why did you choose your major?: I love working with computers and technology (especially programming) and my IS major lets me learn how to write efficient and safe code for software and the web.

Why did you choose DSU?:
I chose DSU because they had the best program I could find for my major. I also really liked the small-town atmosphere - it felt a lot like home.

What do you LOVE to do for fun at DSU?:
Play pool, watch movies and play cards with friends, and go out to Lake Herman State Park.

Favorite DSU memory:
Any time that involves being with my friends.

Dream Job:
Working for Google

Favorite Sports Team:
Minnesota Twins

How would you spend $10,000?:
Pay off school, then visit Europe

Last Updated: 4/17/12