Current Students

Current Students

Jackie Knobbe

Name: Jackie Knobbe
Major: Elementary Education/K-12 Special Education
Academic Year: Junior
Hometown: Dodge, Nebraska

Why did you choose your major?: I love working with kids and helping them learn and grow. After being a volunteer for Special Olympics, I learned that I really enjoy the special education side of teaching and found out that those students can teach me as much as or more than I can teach them.

Why did you choose DSU?:
I really enjoyed the small campus and how friendly and helpful everybody was. It’s also great because I get a lot of experience in the classroom and am very prepared for my career when I graduate.

What do you LOVE to do for fun at DSU?:
I love to go to the different sports games, hypnotists, comedians, and other fun (random) things around campus and town.

Favorite DSU memory:
My favorite DSU memory is probably all the times I was able to go into the classroom and work with the students. The kids were a lot of fun, and I always walked away with a funny teaching story.

Favorite Superhero and why:
Batman—who wouldn’t want to drive a cool car like that!

Dream Job:
My dream job would be to teach special education at the high school level and maybe eventually teach at a college.

Favorite Sports Team:
(s) Nebraska Huskers, Denver Broncos, New York Yankees

How would you spend $10,000?:
I would probably build a heated indoor arena so I could have some place to ride horses all year round and not freeze in the cold Nebraska winters!

Last Updated: 4/17/12