AOD on Facebook

I know what most of you are thinking! Why in the world would you want to become fans of the Alcohol and Other Drugs Office page on Facebook? Here are the questions probably going through your mind:

Question 1: Will the AOD counselor be able to access my pictures and other information I may not want her to see?

  • Answer: If you would like, you may set your privacy settings so I do not have access to the parts on your page that you would like to remain private. If you or a friend do not know how to change your privacy settings, you may contact me and I will be happy to assist you. I PROMISE I won’t be offended!

Question 2: If I don’t change my privacy settings, will the AOD counselor use anything on my page against me?

  • Answer: Absolutely NOT!! The purpose of this page is to provide you with another avenue to resources and assistance, not to gain information about you. I will not go looking for information. If I do come across any, I will treat it in a confidential manner. This means that there are only two exceptions:
    • If I see something that indicates you are planning to harm yourself.
    • If I see something that indicates you are planning to harm someone else.

Question 3: What is the purpose of having a Facebook page for the Alcohol and Other Drugs Office?

  • Answer: Students are more inclined to check their Facebook and it would be an easier way to inform students about the different events on campus that will be sponsored by the AOD office.
  • There is going to be information posted all the time on subjects that are relevant to you:
    • Drinking
    • Drugs
    • Sex
    • College Pressures
    • Health (Physical and Mental)
  • You will have a counselor online from 8-5 (and sometimes in the evening) that you may send an IM to if you just have a quick question or don’t have time to stop by the office.

If you still have more questions before you make the decision to become a fan of the DSU Office of Alcohol and Other Drugs, I will be happy to answer them. Please email your question to

If you are ready to become a fan, please search for DSU AOD Program and click, Become a Fan!


Last Updated: 7/2/12