Q: What is a dean?

A: A dean is the administrative officer in charge of a college unit. There are four deans at Dakota State University, one for each of the colleges within the university: the College of Business and Information Systems, the College of Education, the College of Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences, as well as one for the office of Graduate Studies and Research.

Q: Who is the dean of BIS?

A: Rick Puetz

Q: Where is the dean located?

A: The Dean's office is located in Room 101 of East Hall. His phone number is 605-256-5165.

Q: Where is Room 101 of East Hall?

A: If you enter East Hall from the South (the entrance facing 6th street), go up the stairs and the BIS office will be the first door on your right.

Q: Why would I need to see the dean?

A: Most of the day-to-day academic questions and concerns that you may run into can be handled effectively by working with your course instructor and/or your academic advisor. When you have a special situation that your instructor/advisor is not able to resolve, he or she may refer you to the dean. A student may also wish to contact the dean if he or she wishes to appeal a decision made by an instructor.

Q: What are BIS coordinators - Business, Health Information Management, and Computing and Information Sciences?

A: Since the College of Business and Information Systems has such a wide range of academic disciplines, coordinators have been assigned to work directly with faculty and students in specific academic areas. The BIS coordinator positions and the degree programs for which they are responsible are listed in the following chart, where the baccalaureate (four-year) degrees are listed above the line and the associate (two-year) degrees are found below the line.

Contact Information

Business Coordinator - Business Administration, Business Education, Professional Accountancy, Business Management, Office Management

Dr. Richard Puetz
East Hall, Room 208

Health Information Systems Coordinator - Health Information Administration, Health Information Technology, Health Care Coding Certificate

Ms. Dorine Bennett
Lowry Hall, Room 203

Computing and Information Sciences Coordinator - Computer Science, Computer Education, Computer Information Systems, Computer and Network Security, Application Programming.

Stephen Krebsbach
East Hall, Basement #10


Kevin Streff
East Hall, Room 302C

Last Updated: 10/10/14