Supervised Professional Practice

An important aspect of the Health Information Management Programs is the supervised professional practice component. These field experiences provide you the opportunity to participate in supervised clinical activities in hospitals and other health care settings designed to reinforce the classroom and laboratory learning experiences. The supervised professional practices enable you to develop an understanding of health information management procedures, apply principles of management and health information science, observe employee relationships and interact with professionals in the health care environments.

As in the classroom portion of the curriculum, the experiences begin with the technical aspects and progress to the more skilled, administrative aspects of health information management. Under the supervision of trained personnel you will learn and complete actual medical record/health information management procedures and observe the normal activities and personnel interactions of a functioning health information management work environment.

The healthcare coding certificate requires one supervised professional practice - HIM 283 Healthcare: Coding Experience. This is a 40-hour experience scheduled in an acute care hospital.

In the HIT curriculum, the first technical supervised professional practice - HIM 285 (1-2 credits depending on your catalog year) - is a 40-80 hour (1-2 week) experience commonly completed in an acute care facility less than one hundred beds. The second technical supervised professional practice - HIM 286 (1 credit) - is a 40 hour (1 week) experience usually completed in a non-traditional setting. The final technical supervised professional practice - HIM 287 (2-3 credits depending on your catalog year) - is a 80-120 hour (2-3 week) experience usually completed in an a acute care facility over one hundred beds.

In the HIA curriculum, the students complete the same three supervised professional practices that are included in the HIT curriculum. The HIA students complete an additional supervised professional practice, a 160 hour (four week) management supervised professional practice. This supervised professional practice - HIM 485 (4 credits) - is usually completed at an acute care facility over two hundred beds and takes place following completion of the HIA Program's coursework.

The student must be in good academic standing to be allowed to perform a supervised professional practice. Supervised professional practices are graded on a credit/no-credit basis. The site supervisor will perform a written evaluation regarding the students knowledge, skills, attitude etc. The student's credit/no-credit status will be based upon this evaluation AND the completed reports the student turns into the Clinical Coordinator.

The HIM 283, HIM 285, HIM 286, HIM 287 and HIM 485 supervised professional practices are NOT distance (internet) courses. They are considered state-support courses and the tuition rate for these are figured at either the “Resident” or “Non-resident” rate. Be aware that there are fees attached to the courses figured at the “Resident” and “Non-resident” rate. The internet courses do not have fees attached to them. Students will be assessed a professional liability fee for the supervised professional practices, and may be required to complete specific requirements requested by the healthcare facility, such as specified immunizations, criminal background check, etc. All expenses related to these requirements are the responsibility of the student. This information will be provided to the student prior to assigning the student to the facility.

All supervised professional practice arrangements are coordinated by the Clinical Coordinator. For the most part, students are placed on a first come, first served basis. Due to Federal regulations, a secondary review may be required for supervised professional practices outside the state of South Dakota.  Students are asked to submit requests early to allow for additional processing time.

Below are the Supervised Professional Practice forms that need to be completed. In regard to TB testing, you must sign the TB testing form in the link below regardless of whether you use other documentation to verify your test results.

Last Updated: 9/25/13