Scheduling & Registration FAQ

Q: What is Pre-Registration?

A: Pre-registration is a time for students to register for their classes before the start of the semester.

Q: When does Pre-Registration occur?

A: Pre-registration occurs before the beginning of each academic semester. Students are allowed to pre-register before it is open registration for all.

Q: What must I do to prepare for Pre-Registration?

A: To prepare for pre-registration, you need to have an idea of what classes you would like to take in the upcoming semester. When you have an idea, you need to schedule an appointment with your advisor to go over your schedule and find classes that are beneficial to your educational experience and that fit into your time constraints.

Q: What is Drop/Add?

A: Drop/Add gives a student the opportunity to change their class schedules. There is a time frame for this during each academic semester. The change is only official after it has been confirmed on-line, in Enrollment Services, or the Dean's office.

Q: What is a "W"?

A: A "W" stands for Withdrawal. The "W" grade does not affect the student's grade point average. A student can withdraw anytime between the end of the drop/add period until the final withdraw date during each academic semester.

Q: What is a course substitution and how does it work?

A: Course substitution is taking one course in the place of another. In order to do this you need to meet with your advisor on what would be best for you educationally.

Q: What is full time?

A: Full time is when a student is enrolled in 12 or more credits in a semester.

Last Updated: 1/10/12