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DSU Business Office
820 N. Washington Ave.
Madison, SD 57042

Fax 605-256-5197

Located on 2nd floor Heston Hall

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Balance Sheet for Cash deposits (cash or cash and checks)

Balance Sheet for Cash deposits (checks only)

Direct Pay Invoice

Banner Direct Pay Invoice - Updated 12/5/11

Risk Management

Facilities Use Agreement Indemnification

State Incident - Accident Report Form

Transfers - Journal Vouchers

Banner Transfer Form

Vendor Set Up

When receiving a W-9 before sending to the Business Office make sure it reflects the following:

  • Legible
  • Current
  • Signed and Dated
  • Entity Designation is Checked
  • EIN or SSN is completed
  • Phone Number and Email address completed

W-9 Form

Last Updated: 5/15/14