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DSU Purchasing Policy

This guide is intended as a reference for purchasing procedures.

  • All Requisitions are to be completed in SDezBuy.
  • Always check to see if the item or items you are going to purchase are available on STATE CONTRACT.
  • Airline Ticket Requisitions must have the following information - WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN and WHY.
  • Forms that need to be filled out and attached to requisitions are available in SNAP on the Finance tab in the Purchasing Forms channel.
  • Purchasing Manuals for end users can be found here under Requestor Handbook and SDezBuy Approval Handbook.

Items with a purchase cost of:
$0 - $3,999

  • Purchase directly from vendor through SDezBuy
  • One quote required, however, different vendors should be checked for most competitive pricing.
  • For office supplies, see policy below.

$4,000 - $24,999

  • Enter requisition in SDezBuy.
  • One quote should be attached for an estimated price.
  • Complete the Specification document and attach to requisition (Sole Source form and Emergency purchase form needs to be filled out and attached if applicable)
  • The requisition will go to the purchasing specialist to solicit a minimum of three written quotes from three different sources and request approval from the Office of Procurement Management (OPM).

$25, 000 and over

  • If the cost of purchase is greater than $25,000 contact Karen Alfson in the DSU Business Office for further instructions.
  • A requisition is submitted to OPM along with specifications forms. OPM will solicit bids and issue the purchase order.

State Contract Purchases: Items purchased from an existing state contract. Purchase orders can be issued for state contract items. State Contracts are available in SNAP on Finance tab under MY Tools. To purchase, complete a requisition in SDezBuy, include the item number, descriptive and in the Line Item Detail indicate the State Contract number.

Office Supplies Purchasing: The Office of Procurement Management has awarded the office supplies contract to Office Max. This will be a full line catalog contract, and will be mandatory for use by state agencies when purchasing office supplies that are not available on another state contract. The Office Max office supplies contract is a comprehensive catalog contract, covering a very large number of items.

Because of this, it is likely that agencies will be able to find certain specific items at lower prices from other vendors. Agencies must utilize the contract for their office supply purchases, however in the event that specific items are available from another vendor at lower pricing, FREIGHT CHARGES INCLUDED, Procurement Management may authorize these purchases if it is determined to be in the best interest of the State to do so. Agencies should obtain OPM approval for specific purchases from non-contract vendors and provide documentation of the price difference between the state contract and the non-contract vendor.

To get approval to purchase an item from a non contract vendor you will need to email Lisa Hubbard Leidholt and remember to include documentation. If you do receive approval from Lisa you will need to attach this in the Internal Notes and Attachments section. If you need to purchase an office supply item that is not available on the Office Max contract you will need to put in the Internal Note that the item is not available on state contract. If this information is not noted on the requisition, the requisition will be disapproved.

In the event that an agency needs something immediately, and cannot wait for next day delivery from Office Max, the agency may make the purchase locally in accordance with the local purchase policy. Agencies should plan ahead when possible and utilize the contract for their office supply purchases.

Quote/Contract number is a required field, the Contract number is 16229, make sure to use account 755020.

Last Updated: 7/30/13