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Travel Frequently Asked Questions

What are the high and low mileage rates?

High mileage is .37¢, low mileage is .20¢ a mile. You must have a POV1 form in order to claim high mileage.

What is the travel advance Index and Account Codes?

8CLTST 120030

State Lodging Rates

State Lodging Site opens in new window This site shows motels in cities around South Dakota that take state rates. This site is maintained by state Fleet and Travel Office.

Can I purchase a package deal for my airline and hotel from the Internet?

Employees may purchase package deals IF the employee can provide the documentation that shows the breakdown of the cost of the lodging, airfare and car rental.

What do I get reimbursed if the hotel I am staying at will not give me state rates because of tourist season?

Lodging rates are set by the Board of Finance, the actual cost of lodging up to a maximum of $50.00 plus tax a day. Board of Finance rules do not provide exceptions for tourist season, only state rates are reimbursable.

If my lodging will be over $150.00 per night, what do I need to do?

Your travel request will need to state that you need Excess Lodging Approved.

Last Updated: 3/6/13