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Travel Request

The travel request form must be completed for out-of-state and out-of-country travel and approved before departure. The purpose of the travel request is to get permission to travel and estimate cost of travel and funds source.

After the form is completed and signed by the employee and the supervisor it is then to be sent to the President's Office for approval.

Travel Request Form

Travel Advance Request

The travel advance request form must be filled out and signed by the employee and their supervisor. It is then to be scanned in with a direct pay voucher. The advance comes out of the travel advance fund (Index 8CLTST) with the account code of (120030) and Commodity Code of (28000). In the description please put the trip dates and location. It can then be loaded in to Banner for payment.

To figure the amount of advance, take the total estimate out of pocket expenses and multiple that by 80% and round to the nearest dollar.

Travel Advance Request Form

Travel Advance Repayment

Travel reimbursements that have advances associated with them must be coded to come back to the Business Office to pay back the travel advance. Follow these 3 steps after entering the document text:

  1. Check the Direct Deposit Override box on the invoice header screen.
  2. Under Options, Header Additional Information, under Carrier Route – enter 08RN, close.
  3. Under Options, View Document Indicators, under grouping choose 1, close.

Continue normally with loading the direct pay for travel.

Travel Payment Detail

Last Updated: 5/7/14