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Internship Programs

Internships are a win-win situation. They provide your organization with motivated and well-trained employees while preparing DSU students to enter the world of work with practical experience and realistic expectations.

Employers report that interns improve recruitment for permanent employees, decrease labor costs, produce a high-quality product, provide a fresh perspective and increase employee morale. Do you have a special project that needs completion? Do you need assistance creating a web site? How about software training? Whether it is a three or six month experience, DSU interns can make an immediate contribution to your organization by applying their cutting-edge technical skills and first-rate academic preparation.

To list an internship opportunity with DSU students, contact Career Services. Include a complete job description, expected dates of employment and salary, application process and deadline.

To qualify for an internship, students must have completed at least two years of academic credit and be majoring in a field related to the internship position. Internships must be approved by the academic internship coordinator and the Dean of the college prior to the student beginning the internship. Credit hours earned for the internship are based primarily upon the quality of the internship and are determined by the academic internship coordinator and the Dean. Students must register for the internship credit prior to beginning the internship.

All majors and degrees at Dakota State University are listed in the online DSU undergraduate course catalog. Here you will also see the lists of required courses (and internships) required for each degree. Click here for information on master or doctorate level degrees.

down arrowInternship Philosophy

Internships provide an opportunity for students to integrate professional experience into their curriculum. Employers agree to fill staff positions with DSU students, while a student commits a semester, a summer or longer working for the employer as their employee.

Many students experience two internships prior to graduation. Internships provide excellent opportunities for advancing the quality of performance both in the work place and the classroom, as well as giving the employer an opportunity to "test drive" potential full-time, permanent employees.

down arrowInternship Benefits for the Employer

  • Have the opportunity to acquire additional university students on staff
  • Preview and develop potential new staff
  • Have an advantage over other employers for recruiting DSU students
  • Complete projects
  • Access cutting-edge skill sets

down arrowInternship Benefits for the Student

  • Provide an opportunity to apply coursework in a professional setting
  • Offer the ability to refine career options
  • Get "hands-on" and "real-world" experience
  • Obtain work experience that will enhance career success
  • Securing a potential placement with the employer after graduation
  • Acquire additional networks of professional colleagues
  • Have a higher motivation after returning to the classroom
  • Gain additional, high quality professional references

down arrowInternship Benefits for the University

  • Returning students produce higher quality coursework
  • Returning students participate more in class
  • Improve retention
  • Faculty welcome the current professional information from returning students
  • Student experience aids in updating curriculum
  • Internship experiences enhance the quality of the University's graduates

Last Updated: 1/10/12