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Recruit On-Campus

DSU Career Services welcomes employers to schedule various on-campus recruiting events. We facilitate opportunities for students to meet with employers for the purpose of recruiting our students for full-time, part-time, and internship positions. For further information or to schedule an on-campus recruiting event, please contact DSU Career Services.

down arrowOn-Campus Interviews

  • Recruiters who wish to fill a full-time position or an internship are invited to schedule on-campus interviews. This is the most popular event for recruiting DSU’s best candidates. All interviews take place in the Career Services Office area. Our staff schedules student interviews based on the criteria set by the employer.
  • For date, time, and location information, click here.

down arrowDSU Job Link

  • Employers have the ability to post job announcements directly to our online job site. DSU students and alumni regularly search this list when seeking employment. Once you have created a brief profile, you will be able to enter and edit all of your degree related jobs. NOTE: If you are already a member of the South Dakota consortium, you will not need to register again. Please continue to use the site through www.getgrads.com.

down arrowInformation Sessions

  • An information session is a great opportunity to increase interest in your on-campus recruiting event. Career Services will assist you in scheduling a date, location, publicizing the event to the students, etc. Generally, these sessions are scheduled for 5:00 PM in the Mundt Foundation, but other times and locations are available. These sessions are an excellent way to meet with students prior to on-campus interviews.

down arrowDSU Career Fair

  • The DSU Career Fair is normally held in October at the Dakota Prairie Playhouse. There is limited space for vendors at this event, so please register early!
  • For date, time, and location information, click here.

down arrowSD BIG Job Fair

  • The SD BIG Job Fair (Business, Industry, & Government) is held during the spring semester in Sioux Falls, SD. This event is co-sponsored by DSU and the SD Association of College Career Centers. This fair normally attracts 150+ businesses and is known as the "Midwest's Premier Job Fair". Employers - you won't want to miss this recruiting event! Go to www.getgrads.com for further details.

down arrowSD Teacher Job Fair

  • The SD Teacher Job Fair is held during the month of March in Sioux Falls, SD. This fair is for soon to be graduates that are seeking a career in education. DSU co-sponsors this event with the SD Association of College Career Centers. For more information, go to www.getgrads.com.

down arrowSummer Job Fair

  • The DSU Summer Job Fair gives local employers who are looking to hire students for the summer months an opportunity to meet with DSU students.
  • For date, time, and location information, click here.

down arrowClassroom Visits

  • If you are interested in visiting a classroom to interact with students regarding opportunities within your organization, we will coordinate that event between you and the professor.

down arrowFaculty Luncheons

  • Faculty luncheons are a great way to connect with specific professors on campus in the area in which you hire students (computer related, business related, etc.). We will assist in inviting the appropriate faculty from DSU as well as work with you to coordinate the menu.

down arrowTable Events

  • If you would be interested in setting up an information table in the Trojan Center (student union), we can assist you with this recruiting option. The prime time to hold this type of event is from 10:30AM to 1:30PM, as that is when there is the most student traffic. There is a small fee to reserve a spot.

Last Updated: 1/10/12