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Credential Files

down arrowWhat is a credential file?

  • A credential file contains information about you. This file supports your application for a teaching or non-teaching position.

down arrowWhy do I need a credential file?

  • To have evaluations/recommendations conveniently and centrally located
  • For ease of sending potential employers information all at one-time
  • To relieve your references of receiving multiple phone calls from employers
  • For future availability when changing jobs or careers

down arrowWho can (and should) establish a credential file?

  • Any Dakota State student can establish a credential file; however, we strongly encourage the students from Education majors to do this. Many school districts require a credential file when you are applying for a job.

down arrowWhen and how do I establish a credential file?

  • Plan to start compiling your credential file very early in your last semester of college (if not before).
  • If you are not able to attend the Credential File workshop scheduled through the College of Education, schedule an appointment to meet with someone in the Career Services Office to obtain necessary forms and instructions.
  • Complete the Registration Form, General Data Sheet and Course Worksheet.
  • Ask at least five individuals to serve as positive references for you. Provide them with the Candidate Evaluation forms and the self-addressed stamped envelopes supplied by Career Services.
  • Return all forms and evaluations to the Career Services Office prior to applying for jobs.

down arrowWhen should I send my credential file to a prospective employer?

  • You may not want to send it out for each position you apply for, but we strongly encourage you to have your file sent if you are serious about a specific job opening.
  • NOTE: Send all other application materials to employer prior to requesting your credential file.

down arrowWhat is the cost for a credential file?

  • There is no charge to establish a credential file prior to your graduation from DSU. All of the forms, self-addressed envelopes, and anything else that you need to set up a file are free. 
  • When you make the request to have your file sent to prospective employers, there is a small fee of $5.00 to cover postage, photocopying and other related credential expenses. The fee is required at the time of the request. Click here to request to send your file.
  • NOTE: If you choose not to set up a credential file during your final semester or your student teaching semester, there will be a fee of $10.00 to complete it at a later time.

down arrowHow long does it take to have a file mailed to prospective employers?

  • If your credential file is complete and up-to-date, it will usually be mailed the same day the request is made unless the request is made after 1:00pm.

down arrowHow long is my credential file active and can I make changes in it?

  • Your file will remain active as long as you use your file. After a period of non-use, it becomes inactive, but it is not destroyed. 
  • To update or make changes to your file, contact the Career Services Office for the appropriate paperwork.
  • Updates should be done if you have changed your name, position, or if you are seeking a new position. The cost to update your credential file is $10.00. Click here to request to update your Credential file.

down arrowWhat if I have questions?

  • Contact us:

      Career Services Office
      Dakota State University
      206 C Heston Hall
      Madison, SD 57042;

  • Telephone: 605-256-5122 
  • E-mail: career.services@dsu.edu.

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Last Updated: 1/10/12