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Olson,Amy Name: Amy Olson
Email: amy.olson@dsu.edu
Phone: 605-495-4232
Office Location: Lowry Hall
Position: Senior Programmer/Analyst
Department: Information Technology Services
Olson,Chris Name: Chris Olson
Email: chris.olson@dsu.edu
Phone: 605-256-5688
Office Location: East Hall
Position: Assistant Professor
Department: College of Business and Information Systems
Olson,Jill Name: Jill Olson
Email: jill.olson@dsu.edu
Phone: 605-322-8614
Office Location: Avera McKennan Hospital
Position: Lecturer of Respiratory Care
Department: College of Arts and Sciences
Osborn,Laura Name: Laura Osborn
Email: laura.osborn@dsu.edu
Phone: 605-256-5144
Office Location: Heston Hall
Position: Assistant Registrar
Department: Enrollment Services
Overby,David Name: David Overby
Email: david.overby@dsu.edu
Phone: 605-256-5262
Office Location: Lowry Hall
Position: CIO/Director of Computing Services
Department: Information Technology Services

Last Updated: 4/4/12