Math Refresher Course

Need to brush up on those math skills? DSU is offering an online math refresher course for students who hope to improve their math skills to the level necessary to succeed in a general education college Mathematics course. This is a self-paced, self-review course.

For students enrolling in a South Dakota Institution of Higher Education, it is not a substitute for the Math placement exam or Math 021 and Math 101. It is a course to help you improve your math skills and prepare you for general education math requirements at any of the South Dakota public universities.

Those interested in the course might be:

  • Adults who have been out of school for a while and want to refresh their math skills.
  • Students whose ACT scores place them into Math 021 or 101 and are hoping to COMPASS online into a higher level.
  • Students who need to take the math COMPASS for the first time.
  • Students who want to re-take the math COMPASS test

Course Description

This course is an independent complete and thorough study of Basic and Intermediate algebra skills expected of a student in a general education, college level mathematics course. Students completing the entire course will meet all of the Core Objectives and all but two of the Advanced Objectives of the State of South Dakota High School Algebra Standards and should be better prepared for the COMPASS placement exam.

More information on the COMPASS exam is available online. Please contact the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment at if you have questions about the COMPASS exam or SD placement policies.

Course Information

Cost: $50 plus the cost of the course materials.

DSU declared major students - no charge for course only.

Access code to MyMathLab is required by all students - available from the DSU Bookstore

Course Registration and Payment

Course Registration for DSU Declared Major Students

Technology Skills: MyMathLab, a Pearson Education Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI) tool, will be used to deliver course content which includes video demonstrations-lectures, an e-book, study plan (remediation tool), and assessments (homework, practice quizzes, quizzes and exams).

The players and plug-ins must be installed on any computer being used for the delivery of this course which is accomplished by running the MyMathLab installation wizard in the announcements page of MyMathLab (you will need administrative rights on the computer you are using to install the players and plug-ins that MyMathLab uses).

The instructor of the course will provide you with MyMathLab registration and navigation instructions at the beginning of the course and they are loaded on the Desire2Learn course website.

Last Updated: 7/18/12