Associate of Arts in General Studies

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Nutrition Facts
Serving Size 1 Semester (16cr)
Semesters Per Degree 4 (64cr)*
Associate of Arts in General Studies
Degree Requirements 64 cr
Semester Offered Credits
System-Wide General Education Requirements 30
ENGL 101 Composition I Fall, Spring Summer 3
ENGL 201 Composition II Fall, Spring Summer 3
MATH 102 Fall, Spring Summer 3
Oral Communication (one from Gen. Ed. list) 3
Social Studies (two from Gen. Ed. list) 6
Arts and Humanities (two from Gen. Ed. list) 6
Natural Sciences (two from Gen. Ed. list) 6
Institutional Graduation Requirements 11
CSC 105 Introduction to Computers Fall, Spring Summer 3
CIS 130 Visual Basic Programming Fall, Summer 3
Written Communication (one course from list) 3
WEL 100 Wellness for Life Fall, Spring, Summer 1
WEL 100L Wellness for Life Lab Fall, Spring, Summer 1
Electives 23

* The serving size is based on a two year degree plan, so your course load may vary depending on your specific educational goals. The values here are current as of the 2008-09 DSU course catalog.

Last Updated: 7/18/12