Dakota State University provides students with an exciting, supportive and challenging educational experience. It is truly a unique university where students are surrounded by an information technology-rich environment and a faculty and staff that care about the success of our students. It is a place where the excitement about learning is not just something we talk about, but something we live every day.

DSU has been recognized regionally and nationally as a leader in the integration of technology in the learning experiences of all our students. In every area of study you will find that your learning is enhanced by this access to cutting-edge information. Whether you are interested in working with computers in the information technology field, teaching in a classroom, developing and managing a business, or applying this knowledge in an entertainment venue, your ability to access, organize, analyze and present information becomes a key to success. Dakota State is South Dakota’s “New University for a New Era” and we take this role very seriously.

Our faculty will introduce you to the kinds of “learning opportunities” that will prepare you for a career and help you develop skills that will make you successful in whatever field you might choose.  Our student affairs staff will help you learn as much outside the classroom as you will inside the classroom.

At Dakota State University we are “focused” on student success. Our ever-changing world of new technologies and new challenges demands that our students receive an education that sets them apart, and we are happy to provide such an education.




Last Updated: 8/14/14