Reading Refresher Course

DSU offers an online reading refresher course for students who want to improve their academic reading skills. This self-paced, self-review course focuses on a number of essential skills, including active reading, vocabulary, summarizing, inference, tone, and critical thinking.

Course Description

The reading refresher course is an independent study of the reading skills necessary for success in the college classroom. To begin, students will complete a pre-test, designed to help determine strengths and weaknesses, and then complete a series of units based on the pre-test results. Unit topics include active reading, vocabulary, main ideas, supporting details, patterns of organization, outlining and summarizing, critical thinking, purpose and tone, inferences, note taking, memorization, and reading textbooks.

To complete the course, students must have access to online materials, including an access code for MyReadingLab. A tour of the MyReadingLab site is available at Information regarding MyReadingLab registration and navigation will be available on the Desire2Learn course website.

Course Information

Cost: $50 plus any course materials

DSU declared major students - no charge for course only

Access code to MyReadingLab is required by all students - available from the DSU Bookstore

Course Registration and Payment

Course Registration for DSU Declared Major Students

Last Updated: 7/18/12