Student Support Services: For Students at University Center -Sioux Falls

Find out DSU Programs at University Center - Sioux Falls

DSU offers undergraduate, graduate, and certificate programs in the University Center at Sioux Falls. To find more about the programs and courses, please click the links below.


  • Undergraduate
  • Graduate
  • WebAdvisor to register for classes. (for South Dakota residents and current students)
    To obtain your WebAdvisor ID and password, please select Students then select I’m New to WebAdvisor and then follow the instructions provided. WebAdvisor will send you with a temporary ID via email. The Pluto e-mail address is used for on campus students. For students with no Pluto address or who are off campus, the address listed will be an internet address provided by the student. If you do not currently have an e-mail address recorded in the student system, forward an e-mail to mailto: to request that one be added for you.
  • Register for Online Course (for Non South Dakota residents).
    Distance Students are encouraged to register for distance education courses on the web-based registration request form. Questions regarding courses can be submitted via e-mail at or phoned to the Extended Programs office at 605-256-5049 or toll free at 800-641-4309

Tuition/Financial Aid

Academic Support

Advising: Online advising will help you clarify your academic and career goals, and which courses you should take to fulfill those goals. Contact academic advisors in University Center- Sioux Falls, or call Anthony, Aaron (605)367-5644 or Alan Fischer (605) 367-8463

Student Disability: University Center is dedicated to provide Disability Support Services and Academic Accommodations to those individuals needing assistance in order to successfully meet their educational goals. To learn more about Disability Services, please visit the website listed above.

Course Payment

Courses delivered off-campus fall under the self-support rate structure. The self-support rate per credit hour for under-graduate and graduate courses are determined and approved by the South Dakota Board of Regents. Go to Tuition and Payment Self-Support Rate to check the Internet course cost. The cost of textbooks and other materials necessary for the course is additional and not include with the billing statement. For more information regarding payment, please view SDePay Online Payment & Billing

Other Services

  • Online Textbook Order: Students may order their course books and materials from the University Center bookstore.
  • Library Services: DSU Library provides services to the distance and USDSU students enrolled in Dakota State University courses. The services include Access to Electronic Resources at the Mundt Library, Interlibrary Loan, Ask a Librarian Liability, Costs Library Services, Database Searching Service Mundt Library Online, Document Delivery Time and Help Tutorials. Please visit Distance Students and University Center (Sioux Falls) Students: Services of the Mundt Library. Or contact a librarian at the Ask a Librarian page.
  • Webmail Account: All DSU students have a Webmail account. Your email login ID and password will be sent to you either by mail or via email. To access DSU Webmail, you can select the Webmail link under Quick Links on the DSU homepage. A pop-up window will display, enter your login ID and password to check your mail. If you have questions regarding your email account, contact at
  • Desire2Learn Account: D2L is a course management system (CMS) that provides a web-based environment for online course delivery and class interaction. If you are a new student, please use your WebAdvisor ID as your Desire2Learn ID and your Student ID (7-digit number) as your initial password. If you don’t know your student ID, please contact your instructor or email to find out.
  • Login to D2L and View Your Course(s): Go to D2L login page, enter your username and password and click on the Login button and then you can view your course(s) are listed under the Dakota State University Widget in D2L. DSU Desire2Learn (D2L) User Portal: provides you D2L tutorials, D2L FAQ and D2L help and guidelines.
  • Adding and Dropping Courses: Students can add or drop courses via WebAdvisor. If you have questions, contact Aaron Anthony by calling 605-367-5644 or by E-Mail at
  • Withdraw from the University: When a student withdraws from all their courses in any academic term, they also withdraw from the University. To learn more about DSU withdrawal and refund policies, please visit DSU Catalog. Or contact Extended Programs at (605) 256-5049, toll-free 1-800-641-4309 or email
  • Tutoring: Tutoring is a free program available to all students enrolled at the University Center.
  • Testing & Resource Center: We proctor a variety of exams in the University Center Testing Center, including CLEP exams and Compass placement exams.

Last Updated: 2/28/12