Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

University Center Course Schedule

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size 1 Semester (16cr)
Semesters Per Degree 8 (128cr)*
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
Degree Requirements   128 cr
  Semester Offered Credits
Computer Science Core   53
CIS 245 Info Security Fundamentals Fall Online 3
CIS 332 Structured Systems Analysis and Design Fall 3
CIS 383 Networking I Fall Odd 2
CIS 484 Database Management Systems Fall 3
CSC 250 Computer Science II Spring 3
CSC 252 Computer Science Foundations Spring Online 2
CSC 260 Object-Oriented Design Fall Online 3
CSC 300 Data Structures Spring Online 3
CSC 314 Assembly Language Fall Online 3
CSC 317 Computer Organization and Architecture Spring Online 3
CSC 456 Operating Systems Spring Online 3
CSC 461 Programming Languages Fall Online 3
CSC 466 Language Processing Spring Online 3
CSC 470 Software Engineering Fall Online 3
CSC 482 Algorithms and Optimization Fall Online 3
CSC/CIS 400-level Electives   9
Supporting Coursework Component   22
Note: Students are encouraged to consider the requirements for a
Mathematics minor or second major when selecting courses.
ENGL 208 Documentation and Presentation
ENGL 379 Technical Communication
Fall Even 3
MATH 123 Calculus I Spring 4

MATH 281 Intro to Statistics
MATH 381 Intro to Probability & Statistics

Fall, Spring 3
MATH 316 Discrete Mathematics Fall Even Online 3
MATH Electives (Must be 200 level and above - except MATH 341/342)   9
Electives   12
NOTE: Electives may not be counted twice to meet the requirements of a major. Electives must be chosen so that at least 40 credits at 300-400 level are completed.    
General Education Requirements   30
Institutional Requirements   11
NOTE: Both natural science courses needed for the system-wide general education requirement must be in the same discipline. Majors who test directly into MATH 123 will not need to complete MATH 102, but must take 3 credits of general electives.
Majors must take CSC 150 as part of the institutional graduation requirements.
* The serving size is based on a four year degree plan, so your course load may vary depending on your specific educational goals. The values here are current as of the 2009-10 DSU course catalog.

Last Updated: 7/31/12